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  Soul Memories   


             The scent of you
             causes my mind
             to wander...
             To another time
             another place.
             A space where
             we were one
             with each other.
             We walked the
             hot, sandy beaches
             tiny grains sliding
             through our toes
             as we walked,
             and filling our
             footprints as if
             we'd nevr been
              ...we made love
             at the waters' edge,
             each wave breaking
             over intertwined
             Our roles were
              reversed then,
             you, the black-haired
             beauty, and I,
             your bronze-skinned
            Time was an endless
            thing for us then,
            made only for our play.
            In my imagination, we
            will play there

      Kay Ekwall
                          copyright l998

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