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Special Angels


 Not all God's angels
feathery white wings.
they are little black,
       furry things.
They are always waiting
       for strokes
             with a yearn.
But unqualified love
      is what we get
               in return.
Warm, cuddly kisses
      a nudge on
              a nose
Our constant companions
           we go.
Through thick and
       through thin, they
          weather our storm,
In the sadness of times
      it's their love
           keeps us warm.
God's little angels
       come in many
           kinds of disguise
For humans to see
      and open
            their eyes.
Fate has a destiny,
      a time and
             a place.
Here, then they're
          whiskery face.
I like to think
      there's a cat heaven
For angels like these,
     mission accomplished,
       with love,
             they have pleased.


Kay Ekwall©1999

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