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Splitting Time

The splitting time is here,
time to change our life.
The darkness is so thick
you can cut it with a knife.
The brightness of the light,
you might think will blind you,
but listen to me carefully,
I tell you that's not true.
Black and white..
grays are going away,
It's time to make choices
for us..to go or stay.
Come take my hand,
away from the night.
Step out a bit further
here..into the light.
Time is disappearing
we have to take a stand
let us come together,
please take my hand.
Don't run away,
please don't stray.
It's time to look at your life,
to find out who you are,
where you are going,
and have you come that far?
Step into my heaven,
look into my eyes..
that we are closer now
shouldn't be such a surprise.
Angels are waiting for us
to join with them in song,
don't tarry in the darkness,
it's taken way too long.

Kay Elaine Ekwall
copyright Sept. 11, l999

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