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Strange Loving

               Love feels........strange
               doesn't it? You can't
                   put your finger on it

              It is a cloud you
                   can't quite capture
              as hard as you try.

             Love feels like a dream,
                 it's so real when you
             are in it.....
                 but when you're not
             you try to remember
                the feelings.

            You cling to a memory
               of what you felt
            what you did, but
               when there is no one
            beside you.....
                it fades too easily.

            You reach out constantly
                wanting more
            needing reassurance
                 that it was real
            not a fantasy, and you
                 laugh at your silliness.

            Of course it's real, you
                 acclaim.....isn't it?
            But the sound of a voice
                 the touch of a hand
            would mean so much...
                 bringing a reality
            to this unreality of
                strange love.


     Kay Elaine Ekwall
                 copyright l999

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