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Tap, Tap, Tap

Sometimes you will hear a tiny
rap, rap, rap,
or then on your shoulder,
a tap, tap, tap.
It could be in the middle of the night,
when in a nightmare,
a time of fright.

Then, again it could come in a movie
when something has touched you,
cleared cloudy visions
you've hidden from view.

There are times when we all hear
a quiet voice
whispering in our ear.

It could be as simple as
take this road, or that,
this food to eat, a place to live
better then where you're at.

Sometime a nudge, a wink in a mirrow
sends you in different directions
or saves you from disaster
for your own protection.

It could be a shove, or simply
a choice, for new friendship
new attitudes,
or even a trip.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes
their helping hands to give
the softest, gentlest advice..
guiding us how to live.

There are many who are chose,
to hear their wisdom there,
but so few that will listen
heeding love in their ears.

Angels, however have the patience of job,
knowing that all is perfect, in
divine timing with God.

So, if you seem to be in need,
ask your angels and they will lead,
they will not shoulder all your pain,
but lead you back to love again.



Kay Elaine Ekwall
copyright June l999

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