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    Tears, Don't Come


Grandfather fire.....
   burn your way into my soul
        grandmother moon...
              melt my heart with your kiss.

Sister wind....
     blow the breath of love into my life
         brother sun.....
              heal my broken dreams
                        with your light
     breaking through,
         permeating the darkness there.

Drums...oh beat...pound away,
      take the tones deeper...deeper,
           gather my fears into your sounds,
                throw them into the fire
      along with my tears.

Grandmother spider..
      spin your web with my desires
            silvery threads woven into my life
     my bed of crystal dreams.

Oh heartless heart of mine
     do not betray me
           casting me at life's mercy.

Tears ....don't come
     don't flow into life's stream
            with my blood.




     Kay Elaine Ekwall
        Sept. 18, l999 copyright

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