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The Bee's Knees

Have you ever watched a honey bee
          suspended in mid-flight,
Have you ever watched a hooty owl,
          flying in the night?
Have you ever seen a glowing sunset
          through the eyes of a child,
Have you ever felt the wind in your hair
          while running wild?
Have you ever kissed a dewdrop
          tasted nectar from the bloom,
Have you ever eaten blackberry pie
          till there isn't any room?
Have you ever wondered about the stars
          to count how many there are.
Have you ever heard a new baby cry
          and sang a crooning lullaby?
Have you ever whispered I love you,
          and sent it with the clouds,
Have you ever talked with angels
          and thanked the Lord out loud?
Have you ever found space in your heart
          for gratefulness in every day.
For all the blessings given to you
          in so many special ways.
If you have ever done all these things,
          true magic has come to you,
For the love of life and all its' joy
          is in the simplest things we do.


Kay Ekwall©1999

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