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The Gathering


Ever vigilant.....the watchers...
as civilization after civilization
are seeded, born and cast from the light
into the darkness.

The curse or blessing of growing
from babyhood to maturity
is in the gathering
of love, of wisdom,
of compassion and
the judgments thereof.

The stony sentinels silently
watch the bustle of time,
degrading and reforming
in their own timetables.

Shattering eruptions
shake consciousnesses,
in reverberations with the planetary heartbeat,
faster and faster
building to a crescendo.

As the blackness deepens,
great forces assist
bringing in the light...
balancing polarities,
causing tensions to mount,
each soul caught
in the final conflict.

Spidery webs of silvery cosmic dust
are spun from ecstasy,
enveloping and cocooning
as pulsating waves
adjust the unwritten codes
in each atom, each molecule
towards a higher dimensional plane.

As the veils are lifted,
the dark and the light join
and become one again,
Myriads of beings experience rebirth,
shedding limited thought forms
and the trinity
is consummated.

The highest of high angelic forces gather,
heralding the dawning
of a new day and



kay ekwall©1998

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