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The Happening


Something sacred is happening tonight,
            I can feel it in my soul..
Something wonderful caught my  heart on fire making me feel so whole.

The orange moon's dusty glow
           casts its' light upon an eath in birth
twirling...swirling Goddess energy
           transforming all life through mirth.

Breathe......in life, breathe in love
           exhale all your pain...
send it to the outer planes
          never to come again.

Let us play the drums of peace once more
          forever gliding in the air,
take a trip to Nirvana...where
          together we can soar!

Put your hand upon my heart
         and to sacred realms we'll go,
That magical center place is fertile now
         tomorrow's seeds can grow.

The dusty night moves forward faithfully
         its' cape wrapped around the earth
precise steps measured one by one
        midwifing the rebirth.

This is the time for all to join
        hearts intertwined in song,
there is nothing left to hide..
        and all can come along!

Catch a moonbeam from a star,
        and let the silvery stream
vanquish all the doubt and fears
       fulfilling all your dreams.

Waiting for you.....past, present
       and future, all rolled into one
Angels herald the dawning
         of the brightest day
                   when all discord is done.



Kay Elaine Ekwall
                       August 29, l999 

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