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The Hunger


In the velvet darkness,
in the dazzling soul of light,
from the depths of our hearts,
caressing, exploring, dancing
to a sensuous silvery melody
in the eternal celebration
of loving.....
we make love.

Tossed and crumpled, silken
sheets, still warm from passion's dance
Tantalyzing memories
of dark nights of exploration,

And in our gentle mornings.
The sweetness of soft lips, consuming
Desire, longing satisfied -- trembling
we touch again.
A life, filled with love, with

Here for a timeless moment,
then lost, in the gray mists, and we can
only watch -- helplessly.
You, in your sorrow,
me, in my hunger --
Longing again togetherness,
to comfort your pain.

But unreality is reality,
Our worlds spin apart
Desperately, we search -
the meaning, the sense -
Why this pain?
This madness,
the darkness stealing our joy.

We reach out one more time,
A last kiss, until we meet again
Another time and place,
And the angels of light descend.


Kay Elaine Ekwall and
Michael David Coffey©1998


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