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The Masquerade

                                                We are bodies in disguise,
                                                            watch me change before your eyes.
                                                Sometimes I'm white, black or red,
                                                            sometimes I'm even all I said.
                                                The parts confuse us that we play,
                                                            we think that's who we are today.
                                                Scratch and sniff, you'll find an essence,
                                                            burrow deeper, you'll find a presence.
                                                How can we be the who we are,
                                                            when others want us..to be their star?
                                                Life's not made for this obsession,
                                                            one after the other in procession.
                                                Thoughts winging fly to each our breast,
                                                            the proof of loving I can attest.
                                                So gather to you whom you trust,
                                                            we can be soul-friends, and we must.
                                                To share our future, creating there....
                                                            a wonderplace, to all..most fair.



Kay Ekwall©1998

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