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The Most Silent Night....

The most silent night,
is when you're alone
no one to care,
no one to love.
The most silent of nights
are hidden from sight,
from strangers unbidden,
just darkness, no light.

So many people,
alone in this world,
cast into life's prison,
the bars keep them inside.

I reach out to you, my friend,
and tell you I love you,
and hope you will mend.

I wish you for you to find
some joy in your heart,
to cherish life's blessings,
we're not far apart.

If only there could be a time
when we could meet,
I would hug you
so strongly,
wipe away your tears,
and then ere long.,
laughter and love

for you to come.

Blessings for you my dear friend,
whom I cannot see,
but the wonders of internet
has brought
you to me.

We have shared all our troubles,
cried, and we laughed.
Our hearts have connected
like we have never been apart.

I just want to tell you,
you're never alone,
miles don't matter a tad,
as long as we each
can tap on the pad....

Sending our love..
into the night,
bit by bit,
byte by byte.

kay ekwall

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