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  The Chip

More input, more input
   so that I can feel
What it's like to be human
   can you tell me this is real?
Is this how it feels to be happy?
   Wow, it feels so light.
But this red-hot anger is too much,
   it makes me weep out of fright.
Joy seems to be my favorite chip
   what a wonderful high, on a trip.
No- no, is this sadness, it causes me tears,
   the pain of seperation going on for years.
Although I am but an android,
   studying your reactions,
I could not stand it all the time
   it would be much too distracting.
I think my circuits are
   on overload now,
Please remove the chip
   for I can see how
Your emotions are
   coloring every deed,
taking you places in your hearts
   for lessons that you need.
Some must have taken out their chips
   I can see they have no hearts,
While others, like me in overload
   buttons always on "start".
Surely there is a balance
   a centering place to be,
..ah.......another thing to study.
How to do it......Let me see!




Kay Ekwall ©1998

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