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To Jamelle



                                    To Jamelle, a child
                                                so dear and fair,
                                    A girl with
                                                flowers in her hair.
                                    A child born
                                                in a strange place,
                                    She came in here
                                                so full of grace.
                                    A heart as big
                                                as all outdoors,
                                    And in her mind
                                                I found the chore.
                                    So strong in self
                                                and realized,
                                    That she had always
                                                opened eyes.
                                    Into the heart
                                                she had the sight,
                                    While others
                                                floundered in the night.
                                    And she,
                                                a caring being too,
                                    Into her circle
                                                she did drew,
                                    Friends that hale
                                                from near and far,
                                    Helping each other
                                                to find out who they are.
                                    We are but
                                                earthly dwellers here
                                    A short time
                                                for us this body to wear.
                                    And if this
                                                bright spirit may pass by,
                                    Tell her I'll love her
                                                from on high......


kay ekwall©1998

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