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Touching Souls


I want.......
    To reach out and touch your soul
    To stroke you and make you whole
    To cradle you in my arms, like a baby
    No longer possible, since you're a lady.

I wish......
    To heal in you all your pain
    To make sure it never comes again
    Only love in your life and harmony
    Opened doors in your heart so you can see
        All the wonders of life I've given to you
        So many possbile futures for you to view.

That I am not perfect, is such a pity,
     Expectations breed anxiety.

But, all I could give to you is the breath of life
    I cannot take away all strife.
Each person's job is inner healing
    To do it for you would be stealing...
      Your chance for joy coming from inside
        With God's guidance, no need to hide.

I would, if I could take on all your pain
    As I did bringing you to this life again.
But, your pain is yours alone to bear
    And with this knowledge, I can only share
     What I have learned, the paths I've taken
Some wisdom learned, and some forsaken.

Here, my gift, daughter, for what it's worth
     Another womb for your re-birth.


Kay Ekwall©1997


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