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Tout L'Amour

Princess the cat,
   in black velvet fur,
decided one night
   soon she must stir.
Tiny feet dancing
   into the street,
daring a heartache
   her prince she must meet.
Drawn by the music
   and his soft mewling,
her paws pattered faster
   her senses not ruling.
Flashing dark shadows
   followed her there,
maddening laughter..
   she knew not from where.
Mon dieu, mon amour
   she cried out in fear,
repeating his name
   till futility o'er came her.
Closer and louder
   she heard his sweet voice,
turning back home
   she had little choice.
Bathed by the moonlight
   her love she did spy,
he gathered her closely
   and together they'd lie.
Comforting love
   till morning awakened
by dawn and the dampness
   their true love was taken.
Bidding adieu to
   her lifes' only pleasure,
she followed the rooftops
   each jump she must measure.
Home then and safe
   in that tiny warm bed,
Princess the cat
   laid her weary head.


Kay Ekwall©1999

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