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                                                Into my depths,
                                                            I dredge, I troll
                                                For that last schred
                                                            of garbage I hold.
                                                Searching to find
                                                            whats' on my mind
                                                Is there some reason
                                                            Its' this spring season?
                                                Pieces come tumbling                               
                                                            through thoughts as I sing,
                                                Of laughter, joy and tears.
                                                                    like an onion,
                                                            I peel back the years.
                                                Those faces so clear
                                                            from out of the blue,
                                                Some of them dear
                                                            some of them true.
                                                A lover, a child,
                                                            and others that smiled,
                                                Would I be here today..
                                                            if I decided stay?
                                                and, so I end my trilogy-
                                                                 is this an epiphany?



Kay Ekwall©1999


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