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Was that You?




Was that YOU...

        my mind whispered,

standing in the shadows

       of my life?


Waiting, waiting,

       for the RIGHT moment

                to come.


Was that your voice I heard?

        Calling in my dreams,

"I am here…..don’t despair!"


"Don’t give up on me…..

         I’m coming."


Was that 'our' song I sang…

                     to others,

trying to find the ‘who’,

        that would turn out to be YOU.


Was that 'your' energy I felt,

        holding me so safe,

                         until I cried.


Was that 'our' dream of now,

        that kept me satisfied?


It seemed it was true and

             that it was ‘you’….


Now clearly…. it’s ‘my’ song,

                and is still waiting.. 'to be sung'.







Kay Ekwall ©1999

Index of Poems, Songs and Short Stories

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