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            Wholeness is a place where all would wish to be,
            But the search is different for every you and me.

            Our wholeness cannot be found in anothers' embrace,
            The being here within ourselves has its' own special place.

            The search within must begin the inner realms to go,
            And when we find our peace, the seed doest grow and grow.

            I would say to those who dare, bring your heart along,
            For thats' the place, the only place you'll find a truer song.

            The time is past, we played the last mortal dirge,
            The darkness here and there is what we've pledged to purge.

            So loose the mental bonds of time and to your spirit go,
            Float upon the strands of life which you have longed for so.

            Be not afraid to set your quest as one almighty goal,
            The only thing  you have to fear is that which binds the soul.




Kay Ekwall©1999


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